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 Katie Yeung 

Welcome! I have had the pleasure of teaching music for the last 20 years. During this time I have worked in High Schools, Primary Schools as well as private tuitions with families and individuals. I love it. 

My main goal as a teacher? To ignite joy and a sense of energetic fun in all things music!

After studying music and teaching at Uni, I moved straight to Japan where I played flute in the Shizuoka Phillharmonic Orchestra whilst teaching part time. What an experience that was! When i returned to Australia in 2004, I knuckled down in to teaching in high school, particularly enjoying working with students in VCE Solo Music to hone their skills at music analysis and aural training.

After having a couple of kids of my own (and moving to the country) I decided to focus more on younger musicians. Gaining my Level 1 Orff Schulwerk certificate, I have enjoyed primary school music teaching immensely. Young learners bring such enthusiasm, energy and sense of wonder to music!

In the last couple of years I have broadened my scope of teaching to include Flute, Piano and Ukulele private tuition. From this I have facilitated a local ukulele group (Uke til you Puke) and coached young musicians on their singing song writing journey.



Piano is a great instrument to start your music journey. The fixed pitch and very visual representation of high and low help you understand conventional music notation more easily.

And who doesn't want to just casually pull off a Debussy piece at a friend's house party?!

Beginner piano lessons are for adults or children who don't necessarily want to do music exams but do want to read music.


The uke is such a fun, easy instrument to play! Easy to carry around and spontaneously jam with friends or busk on a street corner. Having only four strings means that the chord shapes are much easier than a guitar. Great option for small hands who hope one day to play a guitar! Perfect for someone who just wants to make music, but not really keen on learning to read traditional notation. If you are into singing, it's time you picked up a ukulele...



Such a beautiful instrument with an utterly unique sound. Classical or modern compositions both lend themselves well to this woodwind. It is a little bit more difficult to start off with (getting a sound out initially is a bit hit and miss!), but oh so rewarding! Great for improving lung capacity (note asthma sufferers) and easy to carry around (case is about 40cm long). A great portable instrument for those who would like to read traditional notation, play solo or in groups and realise lugging a piano around is out of the question for future adventures! Suitable for older children or adults (hand size restricts playing!).

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