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When someone compulsively engages in behaviour we call it an addiction. Addictions can cover compulsive drug taking, gambling, drinking, smoking, smartphone checking and many other things. The defining of addiction is important and understanding that it is a compulsive behaviour and the participant is not in control.

The first, and quite difficult, step in addiction is to recognise that there is an addiction. Admitting this to yourself is a very powerful and essential step to changing behaviours.

When trying to treat ANY form of addiction through hypnotherapy, it is paramount that the client has recognised they have an addiction and wants to stop.

That sounds like common sense, right? Why would they be seeking out a hypnotherapist if they did not want to change?

In fact, that first step of admitting the addiction TO YOURSELF can be overlooked. A family member or friend might strongly suggest to you that the behaviour is a problematic addiction, but deep down you don't really believe it and think they are in control and can stop at any time when you want to. This can lead people into hypnotherapy at a time when they are not ready to change, when they haven't come to terms with their own behaviour and truly resolved that it needs to be changed.

An example of this is trying to be smoke free because your partner wants you to stop. Yes, you want to please your partner, but at a deeper level, you still want to smoke. In this case, the behaviour would not change.

Quitting smoking for yourself is the key.

An important mantra to remember with hypnotherapy is "what the mind believes the body will follow". This can be used in our favour (I believe I can be smoke-free tomorrow) or it can work against us (my partner doesn't like the smoking, but I don't mind it so much).

So, while hypnotherapy has been proven to be a successful treatment for addiction, it is a mode of healing that requires full commitment.

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