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Cycle of Stress - Sleep Related Issues

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Sleep is such an integral part of the stress-cycle. Quantity and quality of sleep. A number of things can impact your ability to get to sleep, but also how restful your sleep is. Our busy lifestyles are seeing an increase in sleep related problems.

Common discussions over coffee (example one.....neeeeeeding that coffee in the morning to get going!!) are wanting to catch up on sleep, recognising a deep tiredness and being frustrated at the inability to feel satiated with their current sleep.

But sometimes it isn't just a case of going to bed too late and getting up early. Quality and quantity of sleep can be compromised by sleeping disorders, often caused by stress, that you feel no control over. And the cycle continues!

Insomnia, bruxism (teeth grinding) and sleep walking can all be addressed through hypnotherapy. By changing habits that contribute to the condition, generally reducing the amount of stress or pain the client is experiencing as a result of the sleep related issue, the cycle of stress can be broken.

In future posts I will discuss particular sleeping disorders and how deeply they can effect health and life quality.

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