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What is a hypnotic trance?

A trance state is an altered state achieved through relaxing the body and mind. This state allows for selective thinking. The conscious mind and unconscious mind are coached into communication (by the hypnotist). It is at this point that the client can really find what they “feel, what they really want, their true state of inner congruency. This is when changes happen for the client.

“What the mind agrees with, the body will respond to….”

We naturally fall into trance states throughout the day for short periods of time and refer to it as daydreaming. Looking off in to the distance and becoming so focused on something that you cannot pay attention to anything else. This is a trance state.

A hypnotic trance is when you are taken to this place of super-focus with purpose.

Levels of Trance:

Light Trance – The subject becomes very relaxed, although he/she may not feel that he/she is hypnotised. Hearing can become more acute to sounds around him/her. This level is quite easy to achieve.

Medium trance – The subject is totally relaxed and completely open to suggestion. He/she may be aware, to a degree, o what is going on around him, but it will not distract him/her from the hypnotist’s voice. They are becoming more focused on internal thoughts and feelings.

Deep Trance – The subject will most likely not remember what he/she has experienced while in hypnosis unless specifically commanded to do so upon awakening. This is the most profound level of relaxation where the subject can hear but just can’t be bothered responding to normal external influences as attention is focused on internal reality.

One in ten people achieve this level instantly easily. This is called somnambulism.

Stage hypnotists seek to work with natural somnambulists. If there was an audience of one hundred people, then ten of then would indeed be somnambulists. Chances are, at least one of them would get up onto the stage.

Waking Hypnosis- established when the use of hypnotic language and communication in a waking (eyes open) state results in a client showing elements of the physical phenomena of a trance.

At any level, you can hear the hypnotist and can open your eyes and move if you really want/need to.

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